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Neuromorphic Technology

Neuromorphic engineering is a ground-breaking approach to design of computing technology that draws inspiration from the powerful and efficient biological neural processing systems. Neuromorphic devices are able to carry out sensing, processing, and motor control strategies with ultra-low power performance. Today's neuromorphic community in Europe is leading the state of the art in this domain. The community counts an increasing number of labs that work on theory, modelling, and implementation of neuromorphic computing systems using both conventional VLSI technologies, emerging memristive devices, photonics, spin-based, and other nano-technological solutions. To enable the uptake of this technology and to match the needs of real-world applications in future products that solve real-world tasks in industry, health-care, assistive systems, and consumer devices, a strong and sustainable communication channel between research labs and different stakeholders is needed. To achieve this goal, the NEUROTECH project aims to (1) create a comprehensive online platform that will integrate information about all involved parties, the state of the art, and showcase latest technology advancement strengthening the NCT community and increasing its impact and visibility; (2) actively reach out to industry stakeholders to get them involved in shaping future research directions and to facilitate uptake of existing technology; (3) promote public interest in NCT by show-casting key technologies; and (4) shape educational resources in this interdisciplinary field targeting students with different backgrounds. The CSA will be the connecting element that will allow us to consolidate and disseminate the state of the art of neuromorphic technology and to create a transforming roadmap for future progress, unleashing the power of NCT in smart technologies of the future.

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Chiara Bartolozzi
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