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IIT Publications

  • 2019
  • Pasandi V., Dinale A.iit, Keshmiri M., Pucci D.iit

    A Data Driven Vector Field Oscillator with Arbitrary Limit Cycle Shape

    Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
  • 2015
  • Dinale A., Gonzalez D., Trehard G., Perez J., Zoppi M., Zlatanov D., Nashashibi F., Molfino R. M.

    Autonomous docking for a novel fully-electrical vehicle for urban freight transport

    IROS 2015 Workshop on: Urban Robotic Applications (ECHORD++)
  • Dinale A., Hirata K., Zoppi M., Murakami T.

    Parameter Design of Disturbance Observer for a Robust Control of Two-Wheeled Wheelchair System

    Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems: Theory and Applications, vol. 77, (no. 1), pp. 135-148
  • 2014
  • Muscolo G. G., De Leonardo L., Pietronave G., Dinale A., Zoppi M., Cepolina F. E.

    A Novel Robotic Handling Device integrated on a Freight Urban Robotic Vehicle

    Transport Research Arena 2014 (TRA2014), vol. Transport Solutions: from Research to Deployment - Innovate Mobility, Mobilise Innovation. 14-17, Apr 2014, Paris La Défense (France).
  • Molfino R., Zoppi M., Dinale A., Muscolo G.G.

    A robotic vehicle for freight delivery in urban areas

    16th International Conference on Harbor, Maritime and Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation, HMS 2014, pp. 154-159
  • 2013
  • Dinale A., Hirata K., Murakami T.

    Analytical design of a robust motion controller for a two-wheeled wheelchair system

    2013 16th International Conference on Advanced Robotics, ICAR 2013
  • Dinale A., Molfino R., Huang P., Zoppi M.

    A new robotized vehicle for urban freight transport

    15th Int. Conference on Harbor, Maritime and Multimodal Logistics Modeling and Simulation, HMS 2013, Held at the International Multidisciplinary Modeling and Simulation Multiconference, I3M 2013, pp. 32-37